Syncing is definitely one of the most useful things you should definitely do with all your accounts. By syncing we mean that any changes in one account will automatically result in changes in the other account. This helps all your devices to remain up to date and not having to update your information on each device separately.

Here we talk about how to automatically sync contacts between outlook and Gmail.

Sadly, Outlook and Gmail have different address books and it is impossible to automatically sync both of them. This means making changes in one does not result in changes in the other.

However, even if you can’t sync your Gmail with our outlook, it is indeed very easy to import your Gmail contacts on your outlook or vice versa. If you are looking at making some big changes in any of the two, you can make the changes in one and import all the changes onto the other.

However, thanks to technology, there are still many alternate ways to sync and share your Gmail contacts with outlook and vice versa. This can be done with the help of mod apps like Go Contact Sync Mod. Using this mod, if you make a change in one the two, you can use this mod to make changes in the other without having to go the app and make these changes individually.


Mods like Go Contact Sync Mod are usually open source and don’t harm the normal functioning of your apps. Moreover, the mod is easy and free to use and does not have any spyware or ads that ruin the experience.


Before you download any mod you need to download a compatible framework that’ll help this mod to function. Like for example, if you want to install a syncing mod like Go Contact Sync Mod, you will have to install Microsoft.NET framework 3.5in order for the mod to function.


Like all other apps before you use any syncing mod app, you will have to log in with your google account details. Open the mod and enter your google username and password.


Along with your main account, add the other accounts you want synced. Like in this case, now that you have already added your Gmail account, add your outlook account as well.


The mod will analyse and show you all your contacts and you can select the contacts you want to be synced with the help of many options available.

Hence we can see how easily you can sync your outlook and Gmail contacts easily with the help of a mod. There are many mods available on the internet and selecting the best mod ap may be overwhelming for you. However, in our opinion open source mod apps are the best considering they are free of cost and also free from any kind of malware. However, there are plenty mod apps that claim to be the best yet contain some malware that may harm your personal information. Always do proper research before installing any app on your device. For shared contacts for gmail visit Share Email Contacts for Gmail extension.

The issue of outsourcing managed IT services outside Canada to the third world countries

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The technical department for any company is very crucial in maintaining their day to day operations. All the systems and software need to be running at all the times and the data must be secured. Not every company has an in-house IT department. The current trend these days is to outsource your managed IT services Toronto to established companies that have all the resources to tackle all the day to day problems and prevent any future disaster.  Outsourcing your managed IT services to a third world country can save you a lot of money but can also out your systems at risk. Outsourcing your IT services to a company in Canada may cost you a bit more but it gives you an assurance that it is a Canadian company and you can easily access it.

The major issue with outsourcing the managed IT services Toronto to a third world country is that the communication may not be easily accessible. Due to the timing difference, if an error occurs in the morning here and there is night time in a different time zone, then some personnel may not be available immediately. Hiring a Canadian based company will help you with easy communication and they can easily solve your problem in quick time. Not all issues are repaired in quick amount of time. Most times back ups are required before the repair work which can take a lot of time which might not be convenient for the company abroad and they might be reluctant to delay it.

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Another major issue with outsourcing your IT services outside Canada to other third world countries is that server and speed may not be optimal. Often times due to long distance, the server speed may not be optimal as it is hosted in a different country. When you outsource your managed IT service Toronto to company that is your own country, you can trust the servers not to crash. Another thing unpredictable about third world countries are power shut downs and disasters. Power cut off is a big issue in many third world countries and the power back-ups such as generators and invertors may not be reliable. Scenarios like these are hard to predict but it could have a major impact on the company data.

When common problems like web hosting occurs, companies start to panic because their website is not live. They then contact the hosting company and check to ensure all the renewals and payments are made. If the hosting is in a different country, it can be difficult to contact and you have to choose another company quickly. Similarly, if you are having technical issues in your company, you need to either change the IT personnel or hire an established Canadian managed IT services Toronto company that has all the right kind of tools and resources to help you with your day to day technical issues. Relying on third world countries for managed IT service may not be a great idea since your company data is at risk. Call or email now for more inquiry.