Today, people spend most of their time on their computers. They work on their computers. They use it for entertainment. They have many important documents stored on their systems. So, it is frustrating when your Mac freezes. There is almost nothing you can do before you fix your Mac.

You might want to look for a Mac repair store in Toronto. But before that, there is a bunch of things you can do to try and fix your Mac by yourself. If you are lucky, you will have your Mac repaired. You will thank yourself for saving some money!

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  • Evaluate the issue

The first step to finding a solution to any problem is the correct diagnosis. Try to specifically evaluate what the issue is. Has your Mac entirely shut down or is it just an application that has frozen? Check if the mouse and keyboard are functional. Sometimes, you will not be able to access any of the menus.

If you cannot use the mouse or the keyboard, then there might be a serious issue. You might want to consider visiting a Mac repair store in Toronto. If not, try to forcibly quit the frozen application by clicking on the Apple menu. Click on other applications or try getting back to the desktop.

There is another way to force quit an application. Right-click on their icon in the dock -> click on the force quit option.


  • What if it is not a specific application?

If the whole system has shut down, it’s okay. Don’t panic. Calmly, try the options given below.

  • Click on the Apply menu, click on the restart button from the drop-down menu.
  • If the drop-down menu doesn’t appear, or if you are unable to click on the options, there is another way. You can try restarting the system using the keyboard. Press Command+Control+Eject
  • If your Mac still doesn’t restart, it means that the keyboard is unresponsive too. Try performing a hard reset, but only when everything else has failed. Now press and hold the power button until your Mac switches off. After some time, switch on your system. It should work fine.


  • Why does this happen? How to avoid this situation?

Sometimes, you will lose precious data while trying to fix your frozen system. Understanding the common causes of a Mac freeze will help you avoid such situations in the future.

If you use up most/all of the space in the hard drive, it strains the system. Keep an eye on the amount of free space in your hard drive.

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Do not ignore updates. Sometimes, ignored updates lead to problems. Updates are intended to fix minor issues. If you want to ensure that your system runs smoothly, do not neglect the updates.

If a specific application keeps freezing, check if you have fully updated that particular application.

If you have enough free space and your system is fully up to date, but you still experience frequent freezes, your problem might be more complex.

If all the above solutions fail to fix the problem, it is better to take your Mac to the professions – walk into a certified Mac repair store in Toronto.