In many facilities, visitors still register by hand in paper books. While this method is perceived as fast and easy, it provides virtually zero security and leaves visitor information available for anyone to see. The automated systems of the visitor administrator offer a more professional appearance, improve safety and fulfill compliance orders for the collection and audit of visitor data.

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Key benefits

  • Improves the professionalism of the registration process and visitor registration.
  • Simplify the registration process with pre-registration or self-registration options.
  • Provides additional protection by filtering them against watch lists of criminals and sex offenders.
  • Improves security as they identify who is in the installation quickly and accurately.
  • It carries out the analysis and preparation of reports on visitor data rapidly and efficiently.

check in software

Why need to check in software for a visitor management system?

Whether you are currently using a visitor registration notebook or have a person in charge of receiving and registering them, or that there is simply no one in custody in the lobby, the visitor management system allows you to optimize a single area of reception or a solution with all the necessary functions for organizations with several offices.

Choose the speedy check in software, for visitor management solution that best suits your needs. The decision matrix on the right can help you determine which product is right for you.

Quality management system in primary education schools and their school projects

The School Management System is the latest and most complete school automation software, which is a suite for every one of the educational institutes, such as schools, universities, and universities.

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How does an management system in schools benefit an educational center, college, faculty, or university?

The general objectives of this type of platforms are the simplification of processes, the automation of tasks, the empowerment of teachers, the promotion of parental involvement and greater participation of students in academic and extra-academic activities. But more specifically:

  • It improves the organization: first, the enormous volume of data or information they manage increases exponentially. An management system in schools avoids delays and many problems in finding and maintaining files and documents. Remove paper almost completely.
  • The satisfaction of staff, teachers, and students: When management flows, the staff can focus on their work (removing many unnecessary concerns) which gives confidence, self-esteem, and personal satisfaction.
  • Profitability: The time, effort, and money used in printing or photocopying of documents, books, evaluations, titles, folders, and files are minimized. The documentation does not deteriorate. Documentary files are kept with several backup copies. It also helps to optimize the human resources of the educational center.
  • In the case of free opensource applications, profitability also comes from not having to pay licenses for the use of the software. Surely, if they will have to pay the other common costs in this type of software such as the costs of implementation, customization to cover the particular needs of the educational center, monthly payment of the server where the software is implemented, maintenance and security, training of the employees they will manage the platform and some other expense. In any case, the price will be much lower than that of proprietary software.