Welcome to True North PHP

Welcome to True North PHP

A 3-day community-driven conference for PHP developers featuring well known speakers from around the world

All About Community

All About Community

We are firm believers that the PHP community is second to none. We also believe that Toronto has an awesome PHP community and deserves an equally awesome conference. Those beliefs are what inspired us to create True North PHP, a conference designed to showcase Toronto's talent and give back to the community that has given us so much.

World Class Speakers

World Class Speakers

Part of our mission is to bring you a great lineup of speakers. To accomplish that we are reaching out to PHP experts from Toronto and around the world. We are sure you will recognize many of them as being leaders of the PHP community, respected authors and renowned public speakers. We also want to give newer speakers the opportunity to showcase their expertise. All-in-all True North PHP promises to feature a spectacular lineup of engaging and high quality talks that you won't soon forget.

Essential elements to look for before working on a startup

Working for a Toronto startups is appealing at times attractively so. The job description of the work includes things like “fun place to work, friendly co-workers and a safe environment”. And as you answer inquiries on their non-customary request for employment (“If you were a movie star, what kind of role would you like to play?”), you envision yourself ” in a makeup van, completing your makeup with your co-actors doing the same” and sipping coffee.toronto startups

  1. There’s no guarantee that everything will go your way, so be prepared for changes.

Dissimilar to seasoned organizations in that have well-characterized procedures and methods and several representatives molded to rehash similar practices for quite a while, Toronto startups can make changes rapidly. Things like employment titles, work area assignments, announcing structures, and task plans are changed more habitually than the channel in the workplace coffee pot. Toward the start-up I work for, I’ve changed my workplace 3 times, three—times in less than a half year, and had a stupendous aggregate of six desks all the while.

  1. You have to work on everything

You must be a cooperative person, make a plunge, move up your sleeves, and get your hands dirty—there’s a perpetual number of problems to clarify that you’ll be required to do everything when you work for a start-up. While you may have a title and a set of working responsibilities, your regular activities will probably change depending upon the task of the day.

  1. Seniors are your supporters, not your enemies

Most new companies start with a couple of splendid people and a thought. They discover a few financial specialists and encircle themselves with keen, roused (regularly youthful) individuals who will stay up all night and transform their thought into the real world. At that point, when the organization starts to get a whiff of progress, they may get a few specialists: experienced, tenured experts that will help take the organization to the following level.

When veterans start working on the job, existing representatives can get apprehensive, and even angry. You’ve been working 16-hour days for a half year (indeed, you ought to anticipate that, as well), and abruptly this grandmother is going to stroll in and disclose to you how to carry out your responsibility since she has an MBA, an extraordinary reputation, and an unending system of industry contacts? Be patient and be friends with them.

startups in Toronto

  1. The Company Giveth, the Company Taketh Away

Toronto startups love to compensate employees for their readiness to desert office conventions like lunch breaks and individual space. At the point when the organization is moderately little, the officials may dole out advantages like week by week happy hours, provided food snacks, and tickets to nearby occasions. Yet, as the organization develops, the authority may understand that they can never again bear, or deal with, these kinds of extravagances.

  1. It’s Your Responsibility to Assess the Risk

New start-ups have a risk of closing down soon too. It’s one of the inalienable dangers in working for one. And keeping in mind that you may expect that, as an individual from a little group, you’ll be the first to think about potential landmines, this isn’t generally the situation.

It’s your obligation, regardless of whether you’re an intern or a financial expert investigator, to learn as much as you can about your organization’s presentation and direction. Listen to what the press is stating about the business and its speculators (a Google alert is incredible for this) and ask authority how they’re estimating their prosperity. On the off chance that things are going downhill, you would prefer not to be in a blindside position.

Secrets of a successful Search Engine Optimization Professional


seo marketingSearch Engine Optimization also is known as SEO is right now one of the most popular industries creating thousands of jobs all across the world. More and more people have started taking interest in Search Engine Optimization making Digital Marketing a very booming sector for the past few years. A lot of people are trying to land jobs as SEO Marketing experts and here we have listed down a few of the secrets which will help people land their job in Search Engine Optimization and also become a successful Professional.

Keyword Research

The main work of a Search Engine Optimization Professional is to post contents on different websites. To post contents the SEO Professional should have a very clear idea about the content and keyword. Make sure to make a good research of the keyword before you decide to post something online. The keywords will help Google to take notice of the work you have done and your effort will be worth the time and effort.

marketing seo

Keyword to Work

It is very important to find a keyword which will work because if the keyword you choose is not working properly then the whole content that you will post will be of no use. It is important for Google to notice your work or else it will not be showing it in the search. There was a time when if you were an SEO Marketing expert then all you needed to do was dump some keywords in the content and you were good to go but right now that’s not the case. Now you will have to carefully select which keyword you want to focus on and place it in such a way so that Google is able to recognize it and use it.


Topic to write

It is very much important to write something that you really care about. There are millions of writers on the internet and it is very much important to be unique to stand out in the lot. If the topic is not something that you really care about then you will not be able to make sense of it and you will also not be able to find an audience to read it.


Basics of SEO

It is very important to have a clear idea about SEO Marketing or else it is impossible to work in this industry. There are a lot of things that are important to understanding in SEO and some of them are how exactly Google crawls. It is important to have a clear understanding of all the latest trends of SEO Marketing.

If you are planning a career in Search Engine Optimization, then it is a pretty good thing. All you need to do is to simply learn all the things that any Digital Marketing course will teach you and then start trying to put the theoretical knowledge into practical knowledge. Make sure to keep all the things that are listed above in mind so that you are able to succeed easily.