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  • Vehikl


    Platinum Sponsor

    Vehikl is a team of passionate software artisans and believe in test-driven development with a focus on writing clean, maintainable code.

    We believe in user-centered design and work closely with clients and their customers to deliver an experience that is both intuitive and beautiful. We work with our clients to facilitate effective project management to deliver business value.

  • Techcom


    Platinum Sponsor

    Founded in 1994, TECHCOM is 100% Canadian-owned and operated technology and services provider, servicing 120+ organizations across North America including Schedule I and II banks and credit unions, the Canadian federal government, municipality/regional offices, default management partners (e.g. collection agencies, law firms, trustees, etc.) Our software solutions are designed to help clients solve business problems by streamlining operations, optimizing and simplifying processes and procedures, and ultimately improving their financial results.

  • Microsoft Azure

    Microsoft Azure

    Platinum Sponsor

    Microsoft Azure is open, flexible and a scalable platform which is a great choice for app creation. Azure supports virtual machines on several Linux flavors such as CentOS, Ubuntu, Suse. Not only does it support open platforms but also open development tools. Support for the various development tools is pretty exhaustive. For example, look into what we have in store for Azure and PHP at the PHP Development Centre, a rich resource for tutorials and documentation, which will enable you to get started with development on the cloud. Also look into the support for PHP tools for Visual Studio, which provides a well known editor for PHP, HTML/JAVA/CSS support and most importantly integration with Azure itself.


  • WebPal Cloud Server

    WebPal Cloud Server

    Gold Sponsor

    WebPal Cloud Server is a powerful, adaptable, cloud-based content management solution with applications in online content management, web portal management, and file storage, developed and owned by Palomino Inc. WebPal has been adopted by over 400,000 users from SMBs to enterprises, in verticals such as healthcare, public sectors, financial services, and associations. Palomino offers WebPal Cloud Server via multiple channel partners and solution providers across the globe.

  • WonderProxy


    Gold Sponsor

    WonderProxy maintains a global network of proxy servers that empowers customers to test their localized websites by routing traffic through a server in the right region. In addition to supporting localization testing, WonderProxy offers Where's it Up, which lets users automate their testing & monitoring using WonderProxy's expansive network.

  • TestLauncher


    Silver Sponsor

    At TestLauncher - We provide the fastest, most reliable web and mobile app testing services for SaaS/Cloud- based companies in all industries across the globe. Whether your app is Fintech, EdTech, HRTech or in another industry, our "Bulletproof QA" framework fuses context-driven testing with agile best practices to shield your users from discovering bugs. Every QA Engineer is screened for culture fit, aligned core values and QA mastery. All our manual QA services and automation solutions are fully managed to provide worry-free levels of customer service, speed and flexibility.

    Visit us @ https://www.testlauncher.com for more information.

  • Mercatus


    Silver Sponsor

    Mercatus empowers grocers to embrace the future of shopping by creating unique brand experiences that meet customer needs and deliver results.

  • SensioLabs


    Silver Sponsor

    SensioLabs is an Open Source software and SaaS editor, known for constantly pushing PHP language limits worldwide, especially following the creation of Symfony, the PHP framework for businesses and Twig, the templating engine.

    In addition to the numerous service, training and support offers available, the company conceives e-solution products for web developers and businesses, to improve quality, productivity, direction and deployment of PHP applications, such as SensioLabsInsight and Blackfire.io.

    With 6 offices accross Europe (France, Germany and the UK) and in the US, SensioLabs is recognized as one of the most innovative companies in today’s application development market.

  • Grumpy Learning

    Grumpy Learning

    Silver Sponsor

    Let a grumpy programmer teach you how to get better at testing your PHP code.

    Vist https://grumpy-learning.com to learn more.

  • Delvia


    Silver Sponsor

    Delvia started when several senior developers, linux system administrators and DevOps engineers got to talking about our observations about the software development industry. We agreed that companies universally have issues hiring and keeping the right people in the area of DevOps. We also agreed that developers, operations peoplre and devops engineers employed by large companies can have a tendency to not keep their skills up to date and thus have a difficult time adapting to a rapidly changing development landscape.

    As a result of this conversation we concluded that we should join together. Using our vast experience we could provide a better alternative and offer it to businesses of all sizes. We made a resolution to acquire the best talent, use the best tools and provide the necessary training to stay on top of the DevOps industry.

  • nœrdisch


    Silver Sponsor

    Moin, we are nœrdisch. We are a young software company run by a team that incorporates decades of experience in our line of work. We create individual sofware, websites, eCommerce solutions as well as mobile apps for our customers, whom we accompany from the initial requirements engineering, to product design, implementation, as well as the deployment and later operation of their applications. Always agile, always focused on the users needs by design thinking and human centered design.

    This is what T-Systems International, SevenOne Media, and the rest of our customers like about us, maybe you are next ...

  • Open Sourcing Mental Illness (OSMI)

    Open Sourcing Mental Illness (OSMI)

    Bronze Sponsor

    OSMI began in 2013 as a speaking campaign by Ed Finkler. Ed started speaking at tech conferences about his personal experiences as a web developer and open source advocate with a mental health disorder. The response was overwhelming, and Ed has continued to speak, gather data, and organize efforts to change experiences of those with mental health disorders in the tech workplace. This includes speaking at conferences and companies, conducting research, andcreating documentation to assist companies in making supportive environments for those impacted by mental health disorders. He is assisted in these efforts by selfless board members and volunteers who bring their time and expertise to bear on this important issue.

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